Comment by: Franpire
Chriiiissss, Fran here.... long time no see / hear. Hope you're well. All the best xx

Comment by: Ard Quak
Hi Chris, Are you OK? Ard
Comment by: NothingNobodyNowhere
Glad to be here. Glad you're here too.
Comment by: sultan
very nice site
Comment by: ard
Hi Chris, great pictures of Beauthy again. I love your work and specially the work you did with BEAUTHY.She looks great in all of your pictures. Like it a lot... love it. She a good friend of mine!!
Comment by: Aphroditephoto
I really like your work with these many very sexy models
Comment by: Romy
Love your pictures ! Realy good work. Love, Romy
Comment by: Willy
where have the pix of dewi gone? are u planning any new shoots with her? if so, then some fishnetstockings with high heels would be great ;) regards Willy
Comment by: sally
Comment by: Willy
Hi there! your work is great! and that DEWI chick is awesome!! did you do more shoots with her? if so, can you please put more pix of here in your portfolio? ;) regards Willy
Comment by: Denis
Came across your web site as a random link from Yahoo..Amazing works! Consider an honor to invite You as auther to the new free international resource in the world of photography Only a fair rating and status! Downloading large size! Your work will not go unnoticed! You can upload your photos and recieve talkbacks and rates. Connect other photographers to share opinions. This proposal - only for experienced photographers as You.Direct link to register here:
Comment by: Xoticbrandi
You are an extremely talented photographer. Thanx for sharing beauty in the world with me. Kiss, Kiss Xoticbrandi
Comment by: willy
Hey Chris, i really like your pix!! keep up the good work! greetz Willy
Comment by: ken
I just love the new website , the pics are very sexy !!!
Comment by: sapphogirl
its a great site :), as always your pics are breathtaking and really show emotion and feelings :) love sappho ps check you inbox xxx
Comment by: marike
hey chris, You're pictures are absolutely beautifull I enjoyed your site thnxx see you
Comment by: Edith
Lovely new site and always had a wonderfull cooperation !! Keep up the good work you both. Looking forward to see you soon. Edith
Comment by: Circé
I just want to say how much i appreciated and enjoyed looking through your galleries. Love the glamour atmosphere you succeed in creating. hugs, Circé
Comment by: ryan
Hi Chris, Your work is awesome, you have a wonderful ability to create such beautiful art whilst many other so called photographers would ruin with the lack of feeling, emotion and bad taste. The websites fantastic. Love your vison Ryan
Comment by: Tony
Hi Chris, I think this is your best website untill now. It gives a good and concise impression of your work. It's most original characteristic i.m.o. is your ability to glamourise every kind of model. You're a true democratic artist!
Comment by: ad
even better than i am used to see from you and that says a lot Ad
Comment by: Lola Babalon
Hey Chris! The new site looks wonderful! I am still honored to be a part of your wonderful body of work. Hope we can work together again when I'm in Holland!
Comment by: Jolanda
Hey Chris, Your new website is very very nice. All pictures i have seen are very beautiful. Kisses Jolanda
Comment by: Kiara Z.
Hi Chris!! the new site is wonderful, I like all (my) pictures!!! thanks again for being your model of such stunning images. Last but not least, thanks to Sandy, which is always so careful and helpful with everything, as clothing, shoes, makeup!! kisses ! Kiara
Comment by: Heathcliff3k
Chris! I love the new website! Your images are incredibly powerful and evocative. You have a special way of treating eroticism that is sincere and real. Terms like "artsy" and "tasteful" and even "edgy" do not apply. Thanks for being my friend. ~Gene

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